Sonntag, 2. April 2017

Jahresbericht für das Jahr 2016

Liebe Freunde, ich veröffentliche unseren Jahresbericht für das Jahr 2016. Die Berichte gehen jährlich an unsere japanischen Freunde bei der IABC und an unser Internationales Zentrum des Haupttempels in Kyoto. Beide Organisationen unterstützen und fördern unsere deutsche Gemeinde.   

Activity Report of the Buddhist Centre Anjin-Do
Mönchengladbach Germany for the year 2016

The Buddhist Centre Anjin-Do serves as Main Centre of the Buddhist Association Jodo Shinshu Germany. In such function it keeps close contact to the Berlin Group which is run by Rev. Evers and to all Dharma friends that live in Germany. This Contact is held via social media i.e. Facebook, our Website and E-mail correspondence. In cooperation with Rev. Moser Anjin-Do Centre publishes a monthly news letter to now over a hundred Dharma friends throughout the world.
As a nonprofit registered organization we provide the Buddhist Teaching to the public in form of classes, open door days and weekly service and publication projects. 
Anjin-Do Centre keeps contact to international Buddhist Temples and groups and in the year 2016 several Dharma friends from America, Japan, Belgium and Canada have visited our Centre. Special Services according to our tradition are held regularly. In August 2016 Members of BCA (workshop of JSCC held at EKO House) visited Anjin-Do Centre.
Anjin-Do Centre stays in close contact to the EKO House of Japanese Culture and we take part in many Buddhist activities of the EKO Temple. The same friendship is shared with the Belgium Sangha (Jikoji Temple in Antwerp) and we cooperate in all matters regarding the European Jodo Shinshu Organization.
Anjin-Do Centre provides a weekly Dharma meeting for Sangha members and to the general public. Due to our multimedia promotion many people from all walks of Life have visited our centre and got information about Buddhism and our Jodo Shinshu Tradition.
Friends and Members can stay at the Centre, especially when they are living far off any other Dharma place. That way they can intensify their personal studies, take part in services and share Sangha life.  
In December 2016 a Funeral Service was held for Mr. Akbar Yavari, who was a regular visitor to the Centre and who was visited by Rev. Kobs several times before his passing.

Mönchengladbach, 20th of February 2017

Rev. Frank Kobs

Chairman of the Buddhist Association Jodo Shinshu Germany

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